Doctoral study programme

The doctoral study programme (DSP) Geography follows up students´ knowledge gained in the M. A. study programme Geography and cartography. It is oriented on deepening and extending their knowledge, abilities and skills in specialised disciplines of geographical and cartographic research with accent on a study of causal relationships in the wide complex of studied phenomena and processes. A main stress is put on active acquiring of new knowledge particularly from foreign literature and specialised lectures both at the Institute of Geography and abroad. Students are encouraged to use modern research methods and techniques of geographical data processing and assessing by computer data processing and remote sensing. Purpose is to provide them with deep theoretical knowledge and train them as strong research personalities, who are able to take part in further theoretic and applied research. Students are encouraged in acquiring an ability of independent formulation of a research problem, independent data gaining, their qualitative and quantitative assessment, choosing of an appropriate methodology and assessment of acquired data from analytic and synthetic point of view with regard to an arrangement of alternative scenarios of geographical phenomena and processes development in space and time.

DSP Geography is realised in Physical geography, Regional geography and regional development, Cartography, geoinformatics and remote sensing in compliance with the Act on university education no. 111/1998 col., Study and examination code of MU, faculty and relevant Programme council or Programme commission demands. Standard time of study is three years, which can be prolonged to seven years interruptions included. Necessary condition for acceptance is graduation in the same or related discipline. Study can be full-time of combined. Study runs according to individual study plan under a supervisor and is completed by state doctoral examination and dissertation thesis defence usually after three years. Graduates are granted academic title “doctor”, Ph. D.