Department of Geography

Department of Geography at Faculty of Science, Masaryk University in Brno belongs to the largest university geographical institutions in the Czech Republic.

Research activities of the Department have a long tradition in the physical and human geography going back to the period shortly after foundation of Masaryk University. Geographical cartography and geoinformatics were established later. Individual disciplines have been interrelated especially in recent years. From this standpoint geography significantly contributes to multidisciplinary approach. Members of the Institute are involved in a number of grants and research projects and the Department cooperates with numerous domestic and foreign institutions.

Department of Geography provides within its teaching activities education in bachelor and master study programmes in geography and cartography and in multidisciplinary studies aimed at teacher-training. These programmes cover all basic geographical disciplines. Master studies graduates can extend their scientific qualification in Ph.D. study programme.


Presently almost 20 members of academic staff are employed in the Department, who are concerned with education and research activity. A number of research workers are also employed in the Department, whose activity is bound to specific research projects. Education is also guaranteed by external staff.

Head of Department

Doc. RNDr. Petr Dobrovolný, CSc. phone 549 49 1491,
Climatology (climate change, history of weather and climate of the Czech Lands from documentary sources, meteorological extremes), remote sensing

Vice-Head, secretary of Department

Mgr. Zdeněk Máčka, Ph.D. phone 549 49 5689,
Fluvial geomorphology, periglacial geomorphology, quaternary palaeogeography


Prof. RNDr. Rudolf Brázdil, DrSc. phone 549 49 3167,
Climatology (climate change, historical climatology, meteorological and hydrological extremes)

Prof. RNDr. Milan Konečný, CSc. phone 549 49 5135,
Cartography and geoinformatics

Prof. RNDr. Pavel Prošek, CSc. phone 549 49 6734,
Climatology (physical climatology, microclimatology, polar climatology)

Associate professors

Doc. RNDr. Alois Hynek, CSc. phone 549 49 4438,
Sustainability (landscapes / environment), geographical thought / education, regional (urban and rural) studies, Canadian studies

Doc. RNDr. Václav Toušek, CSc. phone 549 49 7964,
Regional geography, geography of industry, labour market

Doc. RNDr. Antonín Věžník, CSc. phone 549 49 8210,
Agricultural geography, rural geography, regional geography


Mgr. Ivan Andráško, PhD. phone 549 49 4380,
Regional and social geography, regional policy and development

* Mgr. Jarmila Burianová, Ph.D. phone 549 49 5791,
Physical geography, environmental history, climatology (climate change, historical climatology, meteorological and hydrological extremes)

RNDr. Martin Culek, Ph.D. phone 549 49 3371,
Landscape ecology, biogeography, environment

RNDr. Petr Daněk, Ph.D. phone 549 49 3421,
Political geography, global political issues, geography of elections, settlement systems, regionalization, Asia

RNDr. Vladimír Herber, CSc. phone 549 49 4110,
Landscape ecology, geographical education, physical geography, hydrology

RNDr. Miroslav Kolář, CSc. phone 549 49 5053,
Climatology, hydrology

Mgr. Kamil Láska, Ph.D. phone 549 49 5750,
Meteorology and climatology (micrometeorology, bioclimatology, UV climatology), glaciology

Mgr. Ondřej Mulíček, Ph.D phone 549 49 6078,
Urban geography, geography of settlement, regional development

RNDr. Tomáš Řezník, Ph.D. phone 549 49 4460,
Web cartography, metedata, 3D modelling

Mgr. Daniel Seidenglanz, Ph.D. phone 549 49 7228,
Geography of transport (public transport, railway transport, european transport policy), population geography, geography of tourism

Mgr. Zdeněk Stachoň, Ph.D. phone 549 49 4925,
thematic and historical cartography, toponomastics

Mgr. Karel Staněk, Ph.D. phone 549 49 7430,
Cartographic generalisation, analytical and web cartography

External academic staff

Mgr. Ivan Hlásenský
Geographical education

Ing. Alois Hofmann, CSc.
Cartography, cartographic design and production, geographical information systems

RNDr. Karel Kirchner, CSc.
Physical geography (geomorphology, geomorphologic mapping, hill-slope processes, anthropogenic geomorphology)

Mgr. Michal Kubíček
Geographical education

RNDr. Josef Slavík
Hydrogeology (run and groundwatter protection, morfohydrogeometric analysis in hydrogeology, interpretation of materials of remote sensing of the Earth in hydrogeology)

RNDr. Milan Šálek
Meteorology - remote sensing, general meteorology

Doc. Ing. Václav Talhofer, CSc.
Cartography, map projections, geoinformatics

Doc. Ing. Josef Weigel, CSc.
Geodesy, theoretical geodesy, theory of errors and adjustment, GPS, speleological mapping

Other nonacademic staff (grants, research projects)

Mgr. Radomíra Bednářová tel. 549 49 4178,

Mgr. Monika Bělínová tel. 549 49 3695,

RNDr. Jarmila Brázdilová tel. 549 49 3209,

Mgr. Jan Divíšek tel. 549 49 5982,

Doc. RNDr. Milan V. Drápela, CSc. tel. 549 49 3578,

Mgr. Lucie Friedmannová, Ph.D. tel. 549 49 3823,

Mgr. Robert Helán tel. 549 49 3933,

Mgr. Ondřej Herzán tel. 549 49 7604,

Mgr. Kateřina Chromá, Ph.D. tel. 549 49 3847,

Mgr. Filip Chvátal tel. 549 49 7615,

Mgr. Věroslav Kaplan tel. 549 49 1062,

Mgr. Jiří Kozel, Ph.D. tel. 549 49 1062,

RNDr. Petr Kubíček, CSc. tel. 549 49 3209,

Mgr. Jitka Kučerová tel. 549 49 3823,

RNDr. Josef Kunc, Ph.D. tel. 549 49 7228,

Mgr. Eva Mulíčková tel. 549 49 3487,

Mgr. Alice Navrátilová

Mgr. Andrea Nogová tel. 549 49 7602,

Mgr. Robert Osman tel. 549 49 7602,

Mgr. Ladislava Řezníčková, Ph.D. tel. 549 49 7691,

Mgr. Ondřej Šerý  tel. 549 49 7602,

Ing. Kateřina Tajovská tel. 549 49 5214,

Doc. RNDr. Jaroslav Vašátko, CSc. tel. 549 49 8128,

Mgr. Petr Voda tel. 549 49 7602,

Mgr. Jiří Zbořil, Ph.D. tel. 549 49 5480,

Technical staff

Radek Neužil phone 549 49 6160,

Jana Vaverková phone 549 49 8168,


Eva Zedníčková phone 549 49 1490,


Mgr. Ladislava Řezníčková, Ph.D. phone 549 49 7691,


* Maternity/Parental leave