Research activity

Research activities of the Institute are oriented to the following three research disciplines:

  • physical geography
  • human geography
  • geographic cartography and geoinformatics

Physical geography – stress is put on complex view of landscape assessment, sustainability and ecological interactions between natural and anthropic landscape components. Issues of contemporary and historic changes of fluvial systems and contemporary periglacial processes in polar regions, historic climatology, climate of the Czech Republic in past and present, analysis of climatic changes and climatic extremes (its present and potential impacts on society included), microclimatology, climatic studies of polar regions, microclimate and topoclimate of deglaciated areas (Antarctica, Arctic) including their reflections in landforms and biota, biogeographical landscape assessment are dealt with, streams and rivers morphological state.

Human geography – issues of labour induced migrations and labour market and systematic research of border effects at Slovak and Austrian borders are dealt with; an original conception of the geography of industry of the Czech Republic in post-transformation period is applied; analysis of spatial and functional changes of services and transport in microregions, spatial differentiation of effects of agricultural policy of the EU in the Czech Republic and study of changes of rural areas, urban and rural studies, analysis of contemporary demographic and socio-economic trends and their spatial impacts in Brno agglomeration and other regions and cities of the Czech Republic is dealt with.

Geographical cartography and geoinformatics – attention is paid to theoretic and applied aspects of geographic information creation and use, especially by means of geographic information systems, computer cartography, methods of remote sensing, communication and information technologies utilization in spatial data processing are dealt with. Projects of the Czech grant agencies and projects granted by the EU are carried out, the Institute cooperates on formulation of key European (INSPIRE, GMES) and global spatial data projects (Global Mapping, Global Spatial Data Infrastructure, Global Navigation Satellite Systems and Digital Earth).

Research activities