Contemporary research projects

MSM0021622412 Interactions among the chemicals, environment and biological systems and their consequences on global, regional and local scales. (INCHEMBIOL) (2005-2011)

521/08/1682 Effect of climate variability and meteorological extremes on the production of selected crops between 1801 and 2007 (2008-2010)

IAAX00130801 Interplay of climate, human impact, and land erosion recorded in the natural archives of Strážnické Pomoraví (Czech Republic) (2008-2011)

205/09/1297 Multilevel analysis of the urban and suburban climate taking medium-sized towns as an example (2009-2012)

P209/10/0605 Climate fluctuations in the Czech Republic during the instrumental period based on homogeneous secular series (2010-2010)