Research projects (finished)

205/95/0509 Climate variability of the Czech Lands in the period 1500-1900 with respect to the regional climate change scenario (1995-1997)

205/96/0527 Climate patterns of the Mt. Milešovka observatory (1996-1997)

205/98/1542 Climate reconstruction of the Czech Lands during the last millennium (1998-2000)

205/01/1067 Meteorological extremes and their impacts in the Czech Lands since the 16th Century (2001-2003)

205/03/Z016 Historical and contemporary floods in the Czech Republic: causes, seasonality, trends, impacts (2003)

GA205/03/0211 Geography of selected natural extremes, their impacts and cartographic visualization in Moravia and Silesia (2003-2005)

GA205/05/0858 Temporal and spatial variability of climate of the according to visual daily weather records and early instrumental measurements (2005-2007)

017008-2 European climate of the last millenium (Millennium) - 6th framework programme (2006-2009)