Projects (finished)

GA ČR 205/95/0894 Production of GIS in the CR – Contemporary Condition, Barriers of Increase, Conditions of Optimal Development and of Applications in International Context 1995-1997
INCO-COPERNICUS Panel - GI (pan european link for geographical information) 1998-2000
PHARE - CREDO Floodplain 1998-1999
EU – DG III. ABDS for the CEEC 1998-2000
GA ČR 205/99/0329 Application and combination of the GIS and GPS technologies in the process of landscape thematic mapping (co-resolver) 1999-2001
IST-2000-28177 Premathmode 2000-2001
CZ/00/A/F/PL/13418 GIS Placement_CZ 2000-2002
FRVŠ 552/2001 Multimedia internet courses of Cartography, geoinformatic and Remote sensing 2001
FRVŠ 534/2001 Digital catalog of map collection of Department of Geogr. 2001
GA ČR 205/01/P133 Datastructures for dynamic generalization of geometry in GIS 2001-2002
GA ČR 205/00/D019 Automated colorisation system for thematic map making support in GIS 2001-2003
IST-1999-21056 WirelessInfo 2002-2003
F/01/B/P/PP-118054 GIS and Agricultural Education in Europe 2002-2003
I-02-B-F-NT-120197 URBAX 2 2002-2004
ISDE Digital Earth 2003 2003
GA ČR 205/03-1102 Open regional electronic atlas of south Moravia 2003-2005
FRVŠ 1293/2005 Multimedia textbook "History of Cartography" 2005
FRVŠ 1334/2005 Multimedia textbook Cartography and Geoinformatics 2005
ASO Multilingual Thesaurus proposal for geoinformation support of crisis management