Main results

  1. Mobile ways of data collecting, transfer and interpretation GI by ICT
  2. Members of the research team participated in the processes of realization of Information/Knowledge-based society ideas on the level of EU. They have pioneered methods of wireless transmission of maps and geodata by ambient technologies, especially mobile tools. Projects in the 5th and 6th framework programs, especially WirelessInfo, were realized on basis of several team workshops..

    The research aims for possible interoperability and harmonization of methods used in field mapping and potential of ambient mobile intelligence in connection to domestic and in the future to European and global (INSPIRE, GMES, Global Map) information and knowledge infrastructures. It has been elaborated with several high level foreign institutes, especially with the Faculty of Bundeswehr (Munich, Germany), Ohio State University (Columbus, USA), GeoVista Center at Penn State University (USA), Keio and Hosei Universities (Tokyo, Japan), University of Nebrasca (USA), Omaha University (USA).

    The most important contributions are:

    1. analysis of the ambient technologies potential,
    2. evaluation of the cognitive model potential,
    3. analysis of the potential for changing mapping paradigm with support of ambient technologies,
    4. analysis of spatial data infrastructure support in the Czech Republic and abroad,
    5. possibilities of capacity building supporting investigations at the Masaryk University and in the Czech Republic,
    6. models of sketch systems,
    7. models for thematic mapping and modification of attributes of spatial objects in the field.

  3. Electronic Maps and Atlases: Proposal and Design
  4. Members of the research team participated in the processes of design and realization of electronic atlases based on topical cartographic research results and achievements. The standardized Internet technologies are fundamental component of all efforts. The goal is to create electronic cartographic products involving adaptive behavior and exploratory cartography. Research team investigation is linked with International Cartographic Association (ICA) commissions on National and Regional Atlases and on Maps and the Internet. They are connected to the EU efforts to create e-content in provided data and information services inside and outside of Public Administration.

    The international cooperation is realized with: Faculty of Bundeswehr (Munich, Germany), Institute of Geography at University of Vienna (Vienna, Austria), Department of Geoinformatics at Technical University Vienna (Vienna, Austria), Department of Geospatial Science at RMIT University Melbourne (Melbourne, Australia), ERM (Ottawa, Canada), University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy, especially with Department of Photogrammetry and Cartography (Sofia, Bulgaria), MGU, Geographical Institute (Moscow, Russia) and Institute of Geography at Wroclaw University (Wroclaw, Poland).

    The most important contributions are:

    • various thematic user schemas,
    • stand-alone electronic map engine based on SVG technology, networking client interface based on SVG technology,
    • several variants of server applications based on different DBMS.

  5. Management of Geographic Data and Information in the Czech Republic and their linkage with European (INSPIRE) and global data projects.
  6. Members of the research team participated in the processes of realization of analysis of existing models of geodata providing and sharing, defining conditions and procedures for implementation of INSPIRE principles and integration of geodata and geoservices into Pan-European structures, testing of proposed procedures and methods on state geodatasets, and defining models for geoservices. The most important topics are syntactic and semantic interoperability.

    The team leader is in prominent position of the founder and expert of INSPIRE legislative initiative and Czech national representative (designated by the Ministry of Informatics and Environment). Cooperation is developed with all national delegations and Task Force groups in INSPIRE project and JRC Ispra, Italy and EU DG Environment in Brussels.

    The most important contributions are:

    • Architecture & Standards,
    • Data Policy & Legal Aspects,
    • Environmental thematic coordination,
    • Impact Analysis,
    • Reference Data, with enhancement for needs of Czech INSPIRE, mainly overview of topical situation in geodata services in the Czech Republic,
    • characteristics of proposed geoservices,
    • analysis of INSPIRE principles of implementation and implantation.